Samstag, 9. Januar 2010

Learn how to tie a Tie

Pratt Knot


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Four in Hand Knot
  • Asymmetrical tie knot,
  • good for button-down shirts
Pratt Knot
  • Tidy & fairly wide tie knot,
  • suited for any dress shirt
Half Windsor Knot
  • Symmetrical tie knot,
  • goes with any dress shirt
Windsor Knot
  • Wide & triangular tie knot,
  • good for spread collar shirts

Step-by-step video instructions are available for all four necktie knots.
  • That way, I hope you will learn how to tie a tie in short time.
  • It would now be helpful if you had a tie at hand and a mirror nearby so that we can "dig right on in".

Starting out, tying ties may seem like rocket science to you.
  • It certainly did to me.
But you know, remember the first time you were tying your shoelaces or riding a bike?
  • That, too, seemed like the biggest challenge until that one moment when it finally "clicked".
  • So, heads up!

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